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Your Sage In Retail

Powered By Sage Business Accounting

An Online Solution Designed For SPAR

Unisource is proud to introduce

InstantRetail Cloud

InstantRetail Cloud, powered by Sage Business cloud, provides a SPAR Central Office approved and fully integrated accounting solution to the SPAR retailers. Designed by the retailers, the solution offers powerful retail and accounting functionality all fully integrated with your SIGMA system. If you need more reason than that – here is 10 more!

Here are 10 reasons WHY?

Custom Designed SPAR modules
Approved SPAR vendor for over 7 years with 20 dedicated support staff
With over 150 stores NATIONALLY, we are well versed and have intimate knowledge of all challenges faced by store owners
UniSource has national footprint with Representation in your region
UniSource has 30 years of extensive experience in deploying solutions a testament to our sustainability
UniSource endorsed by Sage as a solution provider across the Sage product suite
Over 50% of SPAR Retailers use Sage
Sage has over 30 years experience in South Africa
Sage Business Cloud Accounting voted most User-Friendly Accounting Solution
Extensive Sage user community expands to over 1 million users with a 24/7 helpline