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Powerful Features Unmatched By Other Retail Solutions!

Unprecedented features for Spar retailers!

Instant Retail Accounts offers unprecedented features designed make managing your Spar accounts easier than ever before!

By consistently innovating, Instant Retail Accounts aims to offer a solution that goes beyond the norm in offering much needed features previously unavailable to Spar retailers. From correctly importing data allocated to the correct tax type per department to pulling your trial balance all at a click-of-a-button, Instant Retail Accounts aims to go beyond our competitors’s ‘legacy’ systems. So what are some of the features available only on Instant Retail Accounts?

Awesome features only with Instant Retail Accounts!

SIGMA Data Import Validation

All data imported from SIGMA is validated and error checked.

No more suspense accounts!

D-Store Cash-Up Import

Automated import of D-Store cash-up information.

No need to recapture cash-up information!

Data Import By Tax Type

Auto import of SIGMA’s supplier transactions – correctly split per tax type.

SARS compliant reporting makes VAT submission effortless!

Supplier Disputes Management

Easily keep track of outstanding claims with drop-shipment and warehouse suppliers.

When a claim is resolved, easily reconcile and close the open dispute.

Set the system to email reports of outstanding claims!

Claims Manager Dashboard

Easily view outsanding claims, credit notes and invoices per supplier in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Filter by Top 10 suppliers with highest balances outstanding.

Drill down to transaction level to get a list of outstanding claims per supplier complete with reference number and description!

Trial Balance

Compile a full Trial Balance matching the GL balances at the click-of-a-button!

Direct Supplier EFT Upload

Upload direct supplier payments directly into your bank account.

No more recapturing of payments and capture errors!

Want to know more features that makes your store easier to manage?

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