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Value Added Solutions

Improve Your IT Environment

We Have A Bouquet Of Value Added Services!

IRA – Standard Level Agreement

Standard Level Agreement

With a Service level agreement, you will get priority support from one of our Instant Retail and Sage Accounting Experts. Purchasing an annual agreement paid monthly, which allocates a certain amount of hours a month depending on the amount you purchase. This gives you peace of mind that you have time allocated to your business for priority support. Purchasing a SLA with us has many benefits such as lower hourly cost to you.

Benefits of purchasing a SLA with us

  • Preferential rates capped hours support
  • Better out of bundle rates than standard rates
  • Access to shared hosted server solution at highly competitive rates
  • Free cloud back-up of your data base up to 2 gigs and best rates should you exceed your limit
  • Software discounts on Unisource and Sage software
  • Exclusive training packages tailored just for you

Shared Hosted Server Solution

Shared Hosted Server

With the increasing need to be able to work from anywhere, and at any time, it has become critical that your retail applications enable you to do so. With Instant Retail Shared Hosted Server Solution, you are able to do this.

With a InstantRetail Shared Hosted Server Solution option you will be able to move your retail accounts and Sage Accounting solution to the cloud at an affordable price. Our costing matrix is user based so only pay for the users they log onto the hosted server.

Benefits of a shared hosted server

  • Work from anywhere Anytime
  • No more IT costs related to a physical server
  • Shared Hosted Server a cheaper alternative
  • Security of your Investment
  • Disaster Recovery Solution

Flowcentric Processflow

Flowcentric Processware

FlowCentric Processware is a business process management (BPM) platform that enables you to develop digital form-based applications.

With FlowCentric Processware you can quickly build, integrate, and evolve process-driven applications for any company, without adding unnecessary complexity to their IT architecture.

FlowCentric Processware is built on the Microsoft platform and runs on Microsoft SQL.

Unisource is an Authorised Reseller, Implementation and Development partner of Flowcentric Processware.

Benefits of a Business Process Management Platform

  • Digitise and improve their existing business processes
  • Develop flexible workflow management solutions
  • Integrate to and extend the life of their ERP systems
  • Add meaningful action to the data generated by people, IoT devices, and other systems

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