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Cash-Up Reconciliation

Take Control of Your Cash-Ups



The daily cash-up process still remains one of the biggest headaches retailers suffer from. Reconciling daily sales to tellers’ tender-types is critical in identifying fraud, shortages and ensuring accurate cash deposits. Management of the cash-up risk is critical. Retailers must manage these risks to prevent substantial losses occurring which could threaten the stability of their store.

InstantRetail innovative Cash-Up module offers the SPAR retailer best practice cash-up processing ensuring ALL your cash is accurately banked. With InstantRetail you can detail your cash and other tender-type takings per teller. These details are then automatically posted to your accounting cash-book. This allows you to see, at a glance, on what day, and with what tender type, you had shortages allowing you to eliminate inaccuracies and theft quickly and easily.

InstantRetail also allows retailers to detail their banking, whether it be a smart-box system, an in-store ATM deposit or a bank deposit. This allows retailers to have full visibility in how much was banked, via what banking channel and on what date. This can all be compared, at the click of a button, to the expected takings. Retailers are also able to cash-up detail such as speed point batches, Lotto, and much more.

Take control of your cash-ups with InstantRetail – saving you time and allowing you to get closer to your customer.

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