Supplier Recon Manager

Automatic Reconciliation Of Warehouse & Drop-Shipment Statements

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Supplier Recon Manager Features

Does the task of correctly reconciling your SPAR Warehouse & Drop-Shipment statements consume a large portion of your accounting team’s time? Are your confident the statements are being reconciled accurately?

Statement Upload

Auto-upload your entire SPAR statement into the system electronically with support for both Warehouse & Drop-shipment statements. Credit notes are auto-allocated to invoices

Auto Reconciliation

SPAR Supplier Recon Manager will automatically reconcile your statement transactions to system transactions, with support for transaction recon within a value tolerance

Add Claims

Add all unreconcilable items as claims, to be followed-up at a later stage. Easily recon previous statements claims when the credit note is entered into SIGMA and easily report on claims per supplier

Payment Creation

Payment is auto created at the end of reconciliation.  Invoices are automatically all0cated to the payment and easily reconcile against your bank statement with Sage bank Manager

Recon Authorization

Segregate user access by function, allow reconciliation authorization and allow payment authorization – With Supplier Recon Manager enhanced security features


IntantRetail offers SPAR approved modules on a services as a software benefit – No more upfront costs and annual licence fee, one single monthly subscription fee

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Retail Recon Man
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InstantRetail is here to help you! Using our Supplier Reconciliation Manager, your SPAR statements can be uploaded, automatically reconciled and reported on. InstantRetail goes even further by allowing you to easily track and report on your supplier claims – ensuring you recover your money hassle-free.

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