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Retail Analytics Insight

Tired Of Been Overwhelmed By Raw Data?

Let Retail Analytics Decipher Your Raw Data


Retailers are to busy to study the large volumes of raw data inundating them. What you need is tools that permit retail insights to be gleaned quickly with minimal effort. Stay ahead of your competitors using visualisation tools rendering graphic dashboards of your key departments and sub-departments.



With tools that offer retail data analysis you the store owner get to turn your data into retail insights. Use sales \ cost of sales trend analysis to glean valuable information into your departments and sub-departments GPs.

InstantRetail offers the combination of the power of our InstantRetail solution reporting AND retail analytics reporting on demand via the cloud. Our Cloud Retail Analytics module offers retailers comprehensive retail and accounting reports & dashboards accessible on demand, anytime and anywhere, from any device: tablets, mobile phones, laptops, desktops, et cetera.

Some of the powerful reports available include:

  • Various analytical dashboards:
    • Sales vs cost-of-sales
    • Purchases vs claims
    • Claims dashboard
  • SIGMA data transactions transfers:
    • GRVs –supplier invoices
    • Sales on-charge (by debtor)
    • End-of-day cash-up (tender type amounts, et cetera)

Want to gain valuable insight into your data?

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