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Automate Your SPAR

Never Double Capture Your SIGMA Information Again



InstantRetail is fully integrated with SIGMA and having been designed by SPAR for SPAR, you can rest assured that your data will be correctly imported. Automate your SPAR store and never worry about having to recapture your SIGMA data again with InstantRetail! Using the powerful B2B module, InstantRetail will import all of your GRVs, credit notes and claims captured in SIGMA automatically into Sage 200 Evolution. InstantRetail goes a step further and will import all of your sales and cost-of-sales per department, customer account transactions and your D-Store cash-up! Save time, money and accuracy with InstantRetail!

What integration can you expect?

The SPAR System – SIGMA Sage Accounting Platform (On-Premise & Cloud Options)
Multi Company With the introduction of MSS (Multi-Store Solution) for SIGMA, retailers can now run a centralised multi-store SIGMA system allowing easier consolidation and management.

Consolidated multi-store accounting – enables powerful centralised accounting.

Render consolidated multi-store Profit and Loss reports.

Reduce costs and increase control by centralising your accounting.

Cash-Ups Capture your cash ups at the end of the day to compare with expected sales and record overages and underages. Reports can be easily be generated per cashier.

D-Store end-of-day aggregate cash-up import – per tender type.

Daily Sales & Cost-Of-Sales SIGMA automatically records your daily sales per department and your purchases per department.

Your daily sales and cost-of-sales are auto-imported per department.

Easily reconcilable to the Cash-Up import.

Capture stock take information to adjust your cost-of-sales correctly.

Track your store’s performance with a 52-week rolling GP report.

GRVs, Credit Notes & Claims Capture your supplier GRV’s to keep track of all your orders and supplier liability. Easily capture supplier credit notes and claims.

Auto import of SIGMA’s supplier transactions – correctly split per tax type.

Manage your supplier liabilities and claims – ensure that you don’t overspend and ensure maximum profitability.

Pay sundry suppliers via EFT – import automated payment transactions (compatible with all banks).

Customer Accounts Allow debtors to purchase goods on credit from your store. Easily capture their payments and view outstanding balances.

Auto import of SIGMA’s customer transactions into the correct customer account in Sage Evolution.

Capture customer payments in Sage Evolution – Instant Retail Accounts updates the customer balance in SIGMA.

Reports Customized reports will give you the insight that you are looking for to grow your store. Each module has a set of predetermined reports that can be customized.

Easily pull all your financial reports including Profit & Loss, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Supplier Ageing and more.

Spar retail specific operational reports including GP reports and claim reports.

Tax and VAT reports available in SARS compliant layouts – pain-free tax submission.

Employee Management Mange your employees and generate performance reports, roles and permissions can be given to employees to restrict their access in the system Easy integration with Sage VIP and Sage Payroll

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