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A Testimony Of Resilience And Agility

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Spar Group

A Testimony Of Resilience

Against all odds and challenges presented by the COVID19 pandemic lockdown – shutting down all liquor outlets and sales of cigarettes – the SPAR group proved its resilience, producing a sterling set of results. Being agile the Group adapted ensuring the safety of consumers whilst ensuring the shelves remained replenished. A Testimony Of Resilience in this challenging economic climate.

UniSource is a proud vendor to SPAR and the values : be AGILE and RESILIENT resonate and are a common thread in the way the businesses have and continue dealing with the COVID19 crisis and current poor economy.

We applaud the SPAR Group’s commitment to the local communities.

UniSource remains a proud business partner of the the SPAR group and will continue to work with all the distribution centers and central office to find ways to adapt its retail software offerings – Instant Retail Cloud, Retail Analytics and now Retail Inventory Advisor – to best render trading insights to the SPAR store owner.


Retail Analytics

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