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Cloud Financials

Cloud Financials

Access Your Financials Anywhere

The pace of modern business shows no signs of slowing down, retail operations are finding it difficult to keep ahead of the changing times, economic pressures and of course growing competition. Many retailers are still using in store servers with on-premise accounting solutions. The do not have access to cloud financials and have to be on-site to view daily turnover and profits.

This prevents retail owners of making decisions quickly in this frantic growing industry. Not only owners are not able to make informed snap decisions, on-premise solutions lack visual reports and are time consuming to create informative reports.

With no dashboards and no financials on the move, retailers find themselves at the back of the pack.

Now is the time to move to Cloud Financials

Cloud Financials keep you ahead, with up-to-date visual report such as Retail Analytics dashboards, you van make informed decisions quick, from creating a quick special on fast moving products to viewing your daily sales.

You can’t afford to delay change

With the move to cloud based accounting solutions many Independent Software Vendors (ISV) such as Unisource Software services has created Retail specific modules to compliment the accounting solution and giving you are more powerful Enterprise Resource Solution.

Cloud Financials

Cloud addons to improve your operations and save money

With a suite of SPAR approved addons you can save time on admin processes, get information real-time and save money.

With Instant Retail B2B you can seamlessly import your debtors, creditors and daily sales from SIGMA into your Sage accounting platform. Removing the risk of errors and typo’s.

Instant Retail Recon Manager takes the fuss of endless data capturing into a simple click of a button. Now you can import your supplier statements and auto-allocate to all outstanding invoices linked to the statement seamlessly and effortlessly.

With Insightful dashboards you can view an array of reports and make decisions on live up-to-date information pertaining to your store. Retail Business Intelligence will keep you up to date with all the information you require to keep ahead of your competition.

We have a Cloud Financials solution for you!

We have a tailor made Cloud Financials solution for you, setup as SaaS it is an affordable and powerful solution, that saves you time and money.

Interested in our Cloud Financials solution? Contact Us Now for an obligation free demo 🙂