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Retail Automation

Retail Automation

Why Automation Is Key To Retail Success?

Retail Automation! The Key to improved Retail Operations

Many retailers today struggle with the day-to-day operations, due to the fact that they run disparate systems and are unable to track good quality information on their business operations.

Retail Operations Managers spend a lot of time on cumbersome admin, and not were they really want to be, Customer and staff engagement, where they can improve customer relations and increase profits.

While busy with tedious admin work and raw data, ROMs spend time sifting through data that is not insightful and are not able to make good decisions and planning. This is where a great ERP solution will help to organise and streamline your processes, whilst processing your raw data, giving you real insights into your daily operations, giving you the tools to make informed business decisions.

With An Implementation Of A Holistic Enterprise Resource Planning Solution You will Achieve

  • Increased Sales and Growth
  • Reduce Audit Costs and Human Error
  • Safeguard Your SPAR Against Fraud
  • Reduce Admin Work
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Be More Efficient With Decision Making
Retail Automaiton

Your business is only as Successful as the team behind it

Give your managers and accountants the freedom to think strategically

UniSource Software Solutions Offerings

B2B Seamless Integration

With our solution InstantRetail we have developed a seamless integration tool UniSource B2B. Bringing SIGMA data into your accounting solution. Software designed by SPAR for SPAR! Automating your SPAR store has never been easier, now you wont have to worry about having to recapture your SIGMA data again with InstantRetail.

Supplier Recon Manager

Many SPAR owners are manually capturing and reconciling warehouse & drop-shipment statements, this is very tedious and time consuming, the manual process also inherently has its own issues such as typos and errors. With InstantRetail Supplier Recon Manager, you can upload your SPAR statements and automatically reconcile your statement in minutes error free.

Retail Cash-Up Reconciliation

InstantRetail SPAR cash-up is fully integrated with SPAR systems including D-Store. With SPAR we have developed Retail Cash-Up, making sure all your cash ups are accurately banked. Retail Cash-Up allows for all your tender types and automatically is posted to your accounting platforms cash-book.

Retail Analytics

With our cloud based dashboards we give you real-time insightful information regarding your stores performance. We give you multiple dashboards from sales summary to daily sales comparison and product drill down. You can view your sales and expenses at a glance, giving you a full view of all your daily operations, broken down to departments and products.

Our Retail Automation Solution developed for Sage Accounting

InstantRetail has been developed to integrate to both the cloud and on-premise solutions.

We are authorized Independent Software Developers (ISV) and our solution seamlessly integrates into Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Sage 200 Evolution(on-premise)

With our instantretal solution we can help you manage your cash-flow with our tools we will keep you up-to-date on your daily operations.

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