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Introducing Instant Retail Accounts Version 2!

Even more features to make managing your back-office a breeze!

Whilst we believe we are offering the best value-for-money solution designed with Spar retailers in mind, we wouldn’t be who we are if we aren’t always trying to find new ways to make your retail accounting even easier. That is why we are extremely excited to announce the release of Version 2 of our solution! Version 2 of our software includes some exciting new developments of our Spar modules as well as an upgrade to Sage Evolution Version 7. Included in the Version 2 release are some new features and improvements to the Spar modules. Some of these exciting features include:

  • Add comments to disputed items for future reference. Comments can be viewed on printed reports. Easily keep track of notes regarding claims and disputes!
  • Function to export any reconciliation grid view to Excel!
  • Significant speed increases to batch loading and reconciliation processing!
  • Automatic posting of the rounding difference for a reconciliation to a rounding expense account!
  • Ability to automatically split the recon payment into separate invoice and credit note payments!

Also included in the new Instant Retail Accounts Version 2 release is Sage Evolution Version 7. This new version comes with some incredible new features that will make your accounting faster and easier! Some of the most exciting new features includes:

  • We know and understand how important historical data is for a company; therefore we now allow you to create unlimited financial accounting years. You will benefit from this by analysing historical data to make more informed decisions and accurate forecasting.
  • Human errors sometimes occur. The new Utilities section allows you to make cosmetic changes to transactional data, in the event where you might have mistakenly used the incorrect date, reference, projects, description or delivery method amongst other selected data. This takes the difficulty out of doing reversals and keeps your data clean. All changes are written to a log file for audit purposes.
  • Budget forecasting, which will assist with better planning and accountability has been introduced.
  • Should you have any unresolved disputes with a particular supplier’s transaction, a new feature allows you to put supplier transactions on hold, withholding the payment until such time it is placed off hold.

Want to know more features available in the new version?

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