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Retail Heatmap By Instant Retail

Retail Heatmap

Make Decisive Revenue Generating Decisions

Retail Heatmap: Have you ever asked yourself the following questions in your retail operation?

  1. At what time should my bakery, and other service departments, have certain products ready for sale?
  2. Which products should I put on display in the morning and which should rather be displayed in the afternoon?
  3. Which departments have more demand at certain times?
  4. Should I ensure more staff are present in these departments at these times?
Introducing the Instant Retail Heatmap dashboard. A new dashboard on offer as part of our Retail Analytics solution, the Retail Heatmap will show you which of your products sell the most during a certain time period. You can also view the sales per department by time period. All of this is available online, accessible from any device, in an intuitive and easy-to-read dashboard.

But what does this mean for you? What benefit will this dashboard bring to your retail operations?

By knowing what products sell when you can plan your service department production accordingly. For example, in your bakery, are croissants more in demand earlier in the morning than muffins? If so, then the production schedule of the bakery department can be adapted to make sure croissants are baked first. The end result will be that enough items will be available during peak demand for that item, ensuring no stock-outs and increased revenues.

By being able to know which products sell during what time, you can also use targeted displays within the store more effectively. As an example, an aisle item that sells mostly in the morning could be displayed on promotion in the morning and replaced with a more in-demand item in the evening – again driving increased sales and revenue. By being able to report on the sales by department will also allow prioritisation of staff within the store – ensuring departments in-demand during certain hours are fully staffed. All of these powerful decision making metrics made possible at the click-of-a-button and a quick glance at our intuitive dashboard!

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